Transit and Parking


Basic rules of the road:
  1. Use your seatbelt!
  2. After a full stop, right turns are permitted at red lights (unless signs prohibit it).
  3. Left turns onto one-way roads are also permitted on red lights.
  4. U-turns are permitted at intersections unless signs indicate otherwise.
  5. Bicycles are considered vehicles and afforded the same rights in traffic as cars.
  6. No texting while operating a vehicle. Drivers can be stopped and ticketed for texting.

For more driving information, go to the Nebraska DMV.

Motor vehicles must be licensed and insured. Annual vehicle registration fees are collected by the state and are based on the value of the vehicle. The more the vehicle is worth, the higher the fees will be. Proof of insurance is required. Penalties are high for driving without insurance in Nebraska, especially if you're involved in a traffic accident.

On-campus parking

Walking and Biking

Commuter and recreation trails are always open for bicycles, walking, scooters, and skateboards.

Bicycle riding


An inexpensive option to get pretty much anywhere in Lincoln.

Buses operate Monday through Saturday from about 6 am to 6 pm, depending on the route and time of year.

City buses (StarTran) serve the whole of Lincoln. As of 1 October 2014, cash fare is $1.75. Unlimited boarding is free with UNL ID and bus pass.

UNL buses, linking parking areas and downtown campus, also require a pass.

A StarTran/UNL bus pass is free with purchase of on-campus parking permit, or can be purchased outright for $120 per year.


Taxis aren't as common as in other cities and aren't widely used. Don't expect to be able to hail a taxi at the curb. You'll need to arrange a pickup location with one of two taxi companies in Lincoln. Taxis are a relatively expensive option and fares vary. The door-to-door service taxis provide is convenient if you have large amounts of luggage or shopping and don't have another way to get around.