Research is on the move at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. External funding for UNL research has grown significantly in recent years. Though most external awards came from federal sources, including the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, and Department of Education, funding also came from foundations, industry, associations and state agencies. Our international presence in research and education continues to expand, with projects on all seven continents. Our ongoing investment in innovation, interdisciplinary cooperation, and international collaborations sustains our momentum.

To learn more about UNL's thriving research enterprise, browse the Office of Research and Economic Development site.

Recognizing the contributions of our postdoctoral scholars, the Office of Research established the Office of Postdoctoral Studies as a centralized resource to support them. Additionally, the Postdoc Advisory Council—consisting of postdocs from a representative mix of disciplines—meets monthly to look at ways of providing professional development opportunities to enhance both current performance and long-term career viability.

UNL provides considerable support to aid faculty and postdocs in their research. The following offices help researchers write proposals, complete grant applications, comply with regulatory requirements, and create a safe work environment.

NUTech Ventures

Formerly known as the Office of Technology Development (OTD), NUTech Ventures manages the intellectual property assets of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Its mission is to help turn academic research into tangible products and services, while returning income to the inventors and to the University to support further research and education. Although patentable inventions do constitute the majority of NUTech's licensing activities, the Office also handles copyrights (software), Material Transfer Agreements, and Confidential Disclosure Agreements.

Office of Research Responsibility (ORR)

The ORR offers resources for campus faculty, postdocs, and staff in their research-related activities through training and technical assistance in the responsible conduct of university research and scholarship. Explore the Office of Research Responsibility site to learn about the many resources available for conducting research responsibly and in keeping with the rules and regulations that govern research both at UNL and nationally.

Office of Proposal Development (OPD)

The OPD partners with faculty to help with idea development and proposal planning, funding source identification, and proposal preparation. Funding announcements are also available from the Office of Proposal Development.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

The EHS offers a variety of services to the campus involving laser safety, radiation safety, occupational safety, bio-safety, environmental protection, safety and compliance training, and outreach initiatives. For a complete list of training programs and services, go to Environmental Health and Safety.

Dr. Prem Paul, Vice Chancellor of Research and Economic Development
Prem Paul, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, emphasizes, "Funding success is only part of our story; more important is the quality and breadth of our research, the degree of collaboration and the new knowledge, creative activity and technologies being generated."