Outstanding Postdoc Awards

2017 Outstanding Postdoc Scholar Award
For exceptional comprehensive achievement in
research, teaching, mentoring, innovation, and service.

Award criteria

Kathryn L. HigginsPsychology/CB3


Honorable Mention
(listed alphabetically)
Sruti Das Choudhury
School of Natural Resources
Guigen Liu
Electrical & Computer Engineering
2017 Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award
For sustained commitment to and exceptional ability in mentoring postdoctoral scholars' professional and career development.
Award criteria

Marilyne StainsChemistry


Previous Winners


Postdoc Mentor: Yongfeng Lu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Postdoc: Iryna Bohovych, Biochemistry
Honorable Mention: Jun Dai, Chemistry; Yanjun Fang, Mechanical & Materials Engineering


Postdoc Mentor: Jinsong Huang Materials & Mechanical Engineering
Postdoc: Nicole Gray, English
Honorable Mention: Jun Dai, Chemistry; Qingfeng Dong, Materials & Mechanical Engineering


Postdoc Mentor: Dennis Molfese Psychology
Postdoc: Chandrasekhar Natarajan, Biological Sciences
Postdoc: Anita Wingeyer, Agronomy & Horticulture
Postdoc: Yongbo Yuan, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Honorable Mention: Baburao Kamble, School of Natural Sources; Chandirasegaran Massilamany, Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences; Frank Meier Aeschbacher, Physics & Astronomy; Nishikant Wase, Biochemistry


Postdoc Mentor: Xiao Cheng Zeng, Chemistry
Postdoc: Balamarugan Balasubramanian, Physics & Astronomy
Postdoc: Srinivas Kota, Psychology
Honorable Mention: Felix Grewe, Agronomy & Horticulture; Chandrasekhar Natarajan, School of Biological Sciences


Postdoc Mentor: Jeffery Bradshaw, Panhandle Research & Extension Center; Department of Entomology
Postdoc: Alan A. Veliz-Cuba, Mathematics
Postdoc: Christopher Chizinski, School of Natural Resources
Honorable Mention: Felix Grewe, Agronomy & Horticulture; Patricia Wonch-Hill, Office of Research; Hui Li, Chemistry; Yongbo Yuan, Mechanical & Materials Engineering


Postdoc Mentor: Eileen Hebets, School of Biological Sciences
Postdoc: Ji Hoon Ryu Child, Youth, and Family Studies
Postdoc: Weiwei Yang, Chemistry
Honorable Mention: Avishek Datta, Northeast Research & Extension Center; Ning Wu, Physics & Astronomy; Yingzhi Xu, Center for Plant Science Innovation; Yongbo Yuan, Mechanical & Materials Engineering


Postdoc Mentor: Susan Sheridan, Educational Psychology
Postdoc Mentor: Donald Becker, Biochemistry
Postdoc: J.D. Burton, Physics & Astronomy
Honorable Mention: Susan Cooper, Mathematics; Michael Eads, Physics & Astronomy; Amy Runck, Biological Sciences; Tri Setiyono, Agronomy and Horticulture; Yunshen Zhou, Electrical Engineering